Sunday, August 29, 2010

Transferring Files

How do I transfer files between one Ubuntu box and another?

Simple Answer:

Install an ssh server on one box, and then use nautilus (the file manager) to drag and drop files.

In detail:

Decide which box will be client and which will be server [1].

Go to the server and install ssh

$ sudo apt-get install ssh

Now use ifconfig to find out the network address of the server.

$ ifconfig

On the client select Connect to Server on the Places menu.

Use SSH as the service type, and put in the server's ip address you found above, then press Connect

You'll be asked for a username and password for the server.

And you're done.

You should now have a nautilus window open showing the files on the first machine.

[1] It doesn't actually matter. You can connect to a server from any box in the world.
And if you like, you can set up both boxes as servers.

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