Monday, September 6, 2010

Comment taper à la machine en Français / Typing French on Ubuntu Linux with an English Keyboard

Use :

United Kingdom International with Dead Keys

é   apostrophe, then e
è   funny ` on the top left of the keyboard, then e
ê   ^ then e
ç   AltGr+=, then c

To produce ^, `, ¸, ´, press the key twice.

Theres a nice little applet, the gnome keyboard indicator, that allows you to switch quickly
between layouts if you find yourself needing to type lots of apostrophes.

There are lots of other characters on this keyboard for European Latin-based scripts. Mañana.

From System/Preferences/Keyboard, you can print out the following keyboard map, which was how I eventually found the elusive ç.

UK International Keyboard with Dead Keys 

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  1. Excellent Tip - First time I've found this really elusive information. Been strugling to find an on-screen wysiwyg keyboard for Ubuntu - but can't find anything like Mac or Windows versions which actually show current keymap.