Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ubuntu Hibernate

In their mightiness and wisdom, the same twerps who mandated the appalling Unity interface have turned off hibernate in recent versions of Ubuntu. Because obviously no-one ever uses it.

You can cause hibernate manually

$ sudo pm-hibernate

In 12.04.1, at least, you can put it back on various menus by creating the file:


which should contain the lines:

[Re-enable hibernate by default]

This information came from:

I really am starting to think that Ubuntu, which used to be a nice orange and brown version of Debian with proprietary drivers on the install disk and sensible choices of what to install, has jumped the shark.

Google's going the same way with all its hideous new ultra-slow and buggy javascript interfaces to things.

Can anyone think of a nice simple Linux (like, say Ubuntu 8 but with latest versions of things and up to date drivers) and a nice simple webmail now that Ubuntu and Gmail are rubbish?

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